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Orthopaedic vs Decorative pillows


While many people understand how important it is to their health to get a good mattress far fewer realise that pillows are just as important. There are two main types of pillow, decorative and orthopaedic. While one makes your bed look good the other makes you sleep well and it is important that they are never mixed up.

Many people like to have decorative pillows on their bed, they like to have a big pile of pillows so that the bedroom looks inviting and comfortable. However, while these pillows are nice to look at, most of the time they are no good for sleeping on.
Naturally you can have an orthopaedic pillow with a decorative case on it, but most of the time a decorative pillow is bad for sleeping on.

An orthopaedic pillow is specifically designed to ensure that the sleeper maintains good body posture throughout the night. The best kind of orthopaedic pillow is made from memory foam, as it is able to mould itself to the sleeper’s exact posture.
Decorative pillows, on the other hand, are often simply filled with foam off cuts which are terrible for sleep health.

If you are unsure of a pillow then the best bet is to cast it off the bed. If it is covered in beads or brocade then chances are it is not orthopaedic.

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