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Policemen and women have high chance of a sleep disorder


A recent survey of police officers found that around 40% of them suffer from some form of sleep disorder, which is concerning as this is linked to a raise in risk of adverse health, performance and safety issues. The survey conductors noted that this percentage was far higher than the normal rate and indicated that police departments around the world needed to conduct further research and should initiate programmes that are aimed at ameliorating their staffs’ sleep disorders.

Though speculative, the report went on to note that the reasons for such high rates were probably linked to the stressful and emotional nature of police work. Sleep is a fickle and mysterious element of life and can be effected by numerous physical and psychological factors.

The work of a police officer is arduous and uncertain. They never know when they will be called upon to do the extraordinary and most will carry heavy baggage from previous experiences. These factors create a high stress and long term anxiety environment that is conducive to a variety of sleep disorders. It is in the best interests of police departments and the public they serve that this problem is tackled head on.

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