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Preserving your brain through sleep


Everybody has suffered from sleep deprivation at some point and knows the consequences of even a single missed night of sleep: fogginess, irritability, confusion, lack of attention and many others. All this from not enough sleep. While we all know about the problems associated with lack of sleep, many people are unaware of that it is also possible to get too much sleep.

Sleep is kind of like Goldilocks, you do not want to get too little or too much, you need just the right amount. So what is the right amount then? While there is no exact figure, there is a range, a Goldilocks zone, if you will. For most people, they should get between 6 to 8 hours sleep every night. No more, no less. If you over or under sleep to often then one of the more severe consequences is that your brain will age prematurely.

That’s right, over or under sleeping will make your brain grow old quicker and no one wants a prematurely aged brain. Studies have found that even over or under sleeping for a period of 5 years can age the brain an extra 4 to 7 years.

Find your Goldilocks zone and keep your brain young.

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