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Relaxation Techniques For A Better Sleep


We all have those nights where we lie there, tossing and turning, desperate to get to sleep, yet slumber is evading us, just out of reach. Generally, thanks to Murphy’s Law, these always seem to be the nights before really important days, where we need to be at our best. If you have had this problem, don’t just lie there getting stressed, use the following relaxation tips to quickly slip off to sleep.

Visualisation: the first relaxation tip is to imagine yourself in a calming and soothing scene. It could be lying in a bed of moss in the sun with the sound of a waterfall nearby, it could be floating in warm water, or whatever you find relaxing. This will distract you and help to calm you.

Progressive muscle relaxation: start clenching and releasing the muscles in your body sequentially. Start with your foot or hand and work your way through all your muscles. This will help to focus your mind elsewhere and will distract you from all your
worries and concerns.

Tell a story: think of a simple story, like a person going on a journey. Give them a destination, then fill in the details. Keep adding in new and interesting aspects of the story and before you know it, you are asleep.

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