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Sleep apnoea helped by bedtime routine


Sufferers of the disorder sleep apnoea, characterised by frequent pauses of breath during the night, could have their symptoms eased by sticking to a consistent bedtime, says a new study. By monitoring 97 CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) users, researchers at Penn State found that those who kept to within 45 minutes of a regular bedtime each night were more likely to use their devices for around four hours a night, compared to the participants who varied their bedtimes to over an hour each night.

The variation in bedtimes was found to be a remarkably reliable indicator to CPAP adherence, with every 30 minute difference creating a 1.8-times greater chance of neglecting their device usage.

CPAP is one of the primary treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) patients, along with weight loss and lifestyle changes where appropriate. Despite the treatment’s success it is acknowledged as cumbersome and often-difficult to integrate into nightly routines.

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