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Sleep Apnea


If you have sleep apnea then you probably know how terrible it can be. It is the culprit of many chronic illness that affect millions across the world. Amongst  these various illnesses are depression, fatigue, lose of sex drive, weight gain and a raft of other problems.

Sleep apnea literally means to stop breathing while sleeping. This means that patients will actually stop their breathing patterns periodically throughout the night, resulting in a far less restorative night’s sleep and a wealth of cascading health issues.

It is vital that if you suffer from sleep apnea you do everything in your power to stop it as it will only get worse otherwise and it will affect more and more areas of your life.

There are a number of ways of treating sleep apnea. For mild cases wearing a special mask each night can help to ensure that the patient doesn’t stop breathing.

Also recommended are lifestyle changes including cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes, coffee and  fatty foods. All of these can help trigger sleep apnea.

For more serious cases it may be that to cure their sleep apnea the patient must undergo some form of surgery to clear their air passages.

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