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Sleep Myth 2 Early risers are healthier and wealthier and wiser


There are a number of myths that surround sleep, many of which are totally wrong and are actually harmful. It is time that these myths were stopped dead in their tracks and the truth was exposed. In this series we will destroy some of the most pernicious yet popular myths about sleep.

Myth number two has been around for a very long time, it is the type of advice that an aunty sagely proffers and it can be traced back to one of the first US presidents, Benjamin Franklin, who had nothing but good things to say about people who got up early in the morning. However, unlike other sleep myths, this was once true. Back before electricity and decent lighting, it was advantageous to sleep when it was dark and to rise with the sun.

Now, thanks to artificial lighting we are in control of when our world goes dark and light, meaning this myth is no longer true. In fact, the best thing for us all to do is have a regular sleep timetable which we follow each and every day. It is much better to go to bed around the same time each night and get up around the same time as the body craves regularity. 

Let’s put that myth to bed for good.

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