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Sleep Myth 3 Exercise is good for sleep


There are a number of myths that surround sleep, many of which are totally wrong and are actually harmful. It is time that these myths were stopped dead in their tracks and the truth was exposed. In this series we will destroy some of the most pernicious yet popular myths about sleep.

The third sleep myth we are going to blow out of the water is that exercise is good for sleep. Many people keep pushing this myth, saying that the best thing for people who are struggling to go to sleep at night is to do some vigorous exercise before bed. WRONG! This is a terrible thing to do, as it gets the endorphins pumping and actually makes it harder to go to sleep. If you are going to exercise in the evening try to do it as early as possible and do not work out too strenuously. The best time to exercise is during the day as it will tire you out but will not affect your ability to get to sleep.

The best thing to do if you struggle to get to sleep is to find something relaxing you can do each night, like reading or listening to calm music.

Let’s put that myth to bed for good.

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