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Sleep and Productivity


Every employer would love to increase productivity and many implement a number of different schemes and programmes to encourage their workers to up their work rate.

However, a recent study has found that the secret to increasing your workers’ productivity may be getting them to sleep better. The study looked at people who suffer from one of the most common forms of sleep disorder, sleep apnea.

They found that those suffering from sleep apnea were less productive than those who slept well at night. They then treated those suffering from sleep apnea and found that their productivity increased, matching those of the initial control group.

Sleep apnea occurs when a person pauses or stops breathing during sleep, each of these pauses is called an apnea. While there are different grades of sleep apnea, the end result is that it leaves people feeling chronically tired and this has a long term impact on their concentration, motivation, memory and disposition.

It would seem that one of the best ways for employers to get the most out of their work force is to help them with their sleep apnea, or provide nap breaks.

The more we learn about sleep the more we realise how much it impacts life.

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