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Sleep and appetite


Do you find yourself heading back to the fridge for a snack after dinner, having a second helping at lunch or stopping on the way home to grab a chocolate bar? Your trouble may be that you are not getting enough sleep. As crazy as it sounds, lack of sleep and increased appetite are intimately connected.

Sleep deprivation promotes the production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, while sleep helps the body produce leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite. The amount of sleep you get has a direct influence on your appetite, so if you have found that you are hungrier than normal then the problem may be lack of sleep.

Not only do you get hungrier the less sleep you get but a number of studies have also found that your appetite for fatty and high cholesterol foods increases meaning that not only are you hungrier you are also craving foods that are the worst for you.

As far as diets go, sleeping more has to be one of the best so if you need to curb your appetite then go to bed earlier or sleep in a bit longer. It really is that simple so sleep more and lose weight.

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