Sleep on your problems


If you have an issue that you are struggling to solve, if you have a quandary that you simply cannot nut out, then you should ‘sleep on it’. For many years this has been commonly given advice, but it has only been recently that it has been scientifically proven.

Yes, apparently it is better to sleep on your problem. A recent study found that people were more likely to be able to solve a range of problems following a night’s sleep.

In the study, 61 adults were given a  number of easy and more difficult verbal insight problems to solve either immediately, after sleep, or following time spent working on the problem while awake. In findings that cement the suggestion to ‘sleep on it’ the sleep group solved more difficult problems than the other group, though admittedly for the easy problems, researchers found virtually no difference between the groups.

Therefore, the if you are struggling to work out something then spend some time thinking about it during the evening, then go to bed, push it from your mind and when you wake in the morning you should have had some insight into the issue and you may have even solved it completely.

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