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Sleep well and accomplish more


It may seem obvious but unfortunately too many of us ignore it, sleeping well and regularly can have a wide array of beneficial impacts on your life in general, from your weight and health, through to your mental disposition and success in life.

This might sound like yet another of those magical elixirs that promises all but delivers on nothing, but unlike all the snake oil sold in the past, this is a bona fide reality. Sleep well and you will do better in life. There have been thousands of various scientific experiments, some with over a million subjects, that have shown the physical and mental benefits of sleeping well and regularly. There really are an infinite variety of health benefits associated with sleeping well.

Here is one: Sleeping between 6-7 hours helps boost your body’s immunity from sickness and disease, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Here is another: Sleeping between 6-7 hours a night will help you retain the memories from the day before. Subjects scored between 20 and 45 percent better in recall tests if they had slept well.

And finally: Sleeping between 6-7 hours a night will increase the span of your life by around 12 percent. If you want to live longer, sleep between 6-7 hours a night, simple.

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