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Sleep yoga


Our modern society struggles with sleep, with the number of sleep disorders on the rise every year. There are a number of reasons that help to explain the increase, from the growing pressures of life through to the number of stimulants that many ingest during the day, from the decrease in exercise through to the rise in health problems.

All of these add up to a body and mind that are going to struggle to get to sleep, the brain is overworked while the body is underworked, together this is a terrible combination for trying to get to sleep at night.

That is why sleep yoga is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike some of the more popular western variants of yoga, like Bikram, which are considered fairly high impact in the Indian spectrum of yoga styles, sleep yoga is focused on relaxation and deep concentration, it is a method based on styles such as pranayama (or breathing exercises) and yoga nidra — the yoga of sleep. Indians have long believed that a regular practice of deep relaxation is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve mental and bodily wellbeing.


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