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Sleeping at work?


If there is one thing that does not go down with the boss, it is falling asleep at work. Do it too often and you might just find yourself looking for another job. Falling asleep on the job, then, is not the best career move. So, why do we fall asleep at work and how can we stop it from happening?

Put bluntly, there are generally two different types of reason for falling asleep at work, each with their own different remedy. The first reason is that you are not getting enough sleep at night. The second is that you hate, or at the least are bored by, your job.

If you are falling asleep at work because you are not getting enough sleep then you need to try and get more sleep at home somehow. There are numerous different methods for improving your sleep routine, from increasing daily exercise through to pre sleep relaxation techniques.

If, however, you are falling asleep at work because you are so bored you cannot stay awake then you need to find a way of making your work more interesting and stimulating. One thing you could do is turn it into a game or competition. You could even challenge your workmates and put money on the outcome. This will certainly keep you awake.

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