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Sleeping better for better relationships


We have all seen it on TV, when there are relationship troubles, one of the spouses will sleep on the couch. Sleeping separately is seen as a sign that there is trouble in a relationship; however, new research might just flip that on its head. The reason for this is fairly obvious when you think about it.

The quality of our waking lives is highly dependent on the quality of our sleep. The better we sleep, the better we will do in our waking lives. If we sleep well, we will be more alert, happier and more refreshed. If we sleep poorly, we will be more depressed, more irritable and angrier. You only need to miss a night’s sleep to understand how true that is.

The recent research has shown that on average people are woken by their partner six times a night due to accidental pokes and prods, the sheet being stolen and, of course, snoring. They found during their studies that people were losing an average of one hour of sleep a night due to their partner, though most of us wouldn’t be aware of it as we are only half awake during these disturbances.

The findings suggest that the best thing you can do for a relationship is to sleep separately!!

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