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Somniphobia is the fear of sleep


It seems there is a never ending list of phobias, many that most people have never heard of or even imagined existed. Here is one that you’ve probably never heard of: somniphobia, which is an abnormal fear of sleeping.

Generally speaking, people who suffer from somniphobia are concerned about repeating nightmares or sleep terrors. Others though are simply afraid of losing control, worried a losing grip on consciousness. Often there are deeper psychological issues at work as well, with many people who suffer from somniphobia having a traumatic past. Because of the random memories that dreams can conjure up and the inability to control what happens in those dreams, many somniphobics are people with problematic histories.

There are a number of symptoms associated with somniphobia, including rapid breathing, a shortness of breath, confusion, sweating, rising panic, dread and terror, a dry mouth, an irregular heartbeat and nausea. These symptoms are similar to those of a panic attack and somniphobia is in many respects a particular type of panic attack.

Sadly, there is no easy solution. Often it involves an individual working through their emotional issues and developing habits that help them overcome somniphobia. Eaqch person will have a different strategy to deal with somniphobia, and it is recommended that anyone who thinks they have this condition seeks medical help.

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