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The popularity of spooning in bed


Most people like to do it, even if they do not admit it in public. Spooning in bed, it is often something that the recently single miss the most, but why? What is it about spooning that makes it so important?

Obviously there is no scientific answer to this question, our best experts are still scratching their collective heads over far more important questions like the exact reason for sleep or the purpose of dreams. Still, we can attempt to answer this vital inquiry.

One major reason that spooning is so popular has to be the psychological security we can from contact in the dark. If you think back to our evolution, when we were in small groups living in the wild, the contact of others in the dark must have been reassuring. Most pack animals sleep in close proximity of each other, usually touching, so it is no surprise that we humans like it.

The other reason is that it is warm. Again this explanation would go back to our early ancestors. The closer you are to another person the warmer you are, your collective body heat keeps you both warmer than you would be on your own.

Of course there are other individual reasons, but security and warmth lie at the heart of it.

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