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Synchronised sounds could help your sleep quality


The sad truth is that most of us wake feeling tired every day, we spend the majority of our adult lives sleep deprived. Numerous surveys have shown that around a two thirds of western adults are constantly tired and feel like they do not get enough sleep.

That is why anything that could help us with the quality of our sleep would make a massive difference to us as individuals, as country and as a species; not to sound to grandiose, but having two thirds of your populace permanently exhausted is not desirable.

A new finding could make a big difference to the quality of our sleep. Scientists have discovered that synchronised sounds that are in tune with our brain waves could help improve our sleep. The sounds are played at a low volume and match the oscillations of the brain as it moves through the different sleep cycles.

The scientists found that not only does the soft synchronised sounds help the quality of sleep but they had a particular influence on how well memories are stored and are able to be recalled.

While it has yet to be turned into a commercial product, it could hold the secret to sleep.

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