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Taking a nap at work


We have all had those days where we struggle to keep out eyes open, where every task is a chore. If you have had a bad night’s sleep the night before, work is often a nightmare, simple things become impossible, you forget what you were doing and, generally, you do a far worse job than normal.

That is why having a power nap can be the best thing you can do. As long as you only sleep for up to thirty minutes (any longer and you will fall into a deeper sleep that will leave you feeling worse when you wake), you will wake feeling recharged and ready to go.

Before you try this, remember to talk to your boss about it. As long as you explain what you are doing they will probably be agreeable, better to have someone who is awake and on the button than a sleepy and inefficient employee.

The trick is to learn how to fall asleep quickly. There are a number of different tricks and techniques, most that involve a form of meditation or body stretching. The key is to take your focus off trying to fall asleep and to let the subconscious usher you into sleep.

Get yourself comfortable on the floor, turn off the lights and let your mind drift. Make sure you set an alarm so you do not oversleep!

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