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Tea A Super Sleep Food


Our bodies are incredibly complex and what we put in them can have a raft of different effects that we may be unaware of, or may not think about that often. Our diets have huge consequences for both our bodies and our minds. One area that is often underappreciated is the relationship between diet and sleep. What we eat and drink has a massive effect on the quality and quantity of our sleep and many people who suffer from sleeping disorders could remedy them by simply changing their diet.

It doesn’t even have to be that complex or involved. Often simply by eating or drinking a particular substance, people can improve their sleep massively. One of these potent sleep enhancing substances is tea. Not normal caffeinated tea, however, but rather a number of the herbal varieties. In particular, chamomile tea and green tea have been widely recommended as two hot drinks that help people to get to sleep and improve the quality of sleep. These two teas are widely available and pleasant to drink, making them an easy and painless method of improving sleep.

If you are struggling with sleep then give one of these two teas a try and sleep better.


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