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The definitive guide to a better sleep environment


The definitive guide to a better sleep environment

We are a product of our environment. Our social environment, our family and friends, the country we live in and the culture we belong to, all shape who we are. The physical environment also plays a huge role, from the aesthetics of our surroundings to the climate. One area of environment that is often neglected or ignored is the sleep environment. Yes, you are a product of your sleep environment and you can make a number of positive changes that will greatly enhance your sleep and your life.  To help you we present the Ergoflex definitive guide to a better sleep environment!

Darker: the darker your bedroom is the better. Our sleep patterns are regulated by the body clock which is synchronised with the outside world through light levels. The darker you make your bedroom the better you will sleep. Studies have shown that even those little standby LEDs on your electronic devices can disturb your body clock and your sleep so make sure that your room is pitch black. Hide your alarm clock, turn off devices at the wall and get thick curtains.

Quieter: make your bedroom a quiet haven for sleep. Even small sounds can disturb sleep, especially traffic noises outside. Even if you do not realise that your sleep is being disturbed by noise you may be getting reduced sleep quality. Get insulated curtains that help to block the noise. If you are still unable to block out the noise then you may need to invest in a pair of earplugs.

Fresher: often bedrooms become stuffy and this can reduce sleep quality. It is important to have a fresh air flow, whether from outside where noise permits or via an internal ventilation system. Make sure that your room is well ventilated and you will sleep better.

Temperate: It is also important that your bedroom is the right temperature and that you are the right temperature in bed. While it varies for everyone the average temperature is around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Make sure that if your room is colder you have more bedding on to make up for this. If it is a hot night then have a fan or the air conditioning on. As we near our normal bedtime the body cools and it is important that the room is the right temperature as it will help you to get a better sleep.

Colour: humans are very sensitive to colour and while the colour obviously is not visible when you have a pitch black room it can help ease you to sleep before you turn the lights off and it can help you in the morning. There are some colours that are good for bedrooms and others that should be avoided, with blue and yellow the best and red the worst.

Hopefully this advice will help you to sleep better at night. Keep your room dark, quiet and fresh, make sure it is the right temperature and a good colour and you will create the perfect sleep environment.

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