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The effects of Hypnosis on Sleep


We all know about hypnosis. You have probably been to a show where a bunch of unwitting volunteers have been soundly embarrassed by the hypnotist as he or she has made them do any number of foolish or silly things that they normally wouldn’t.

Hypnosis is far more than a cheap parlour trick though. It has been used in medicine and law and order for many years and in a number of different ways. It is a legitimate and respected method of interacting with a person’s subconscious and amongst its many uses, there are a number of researchers looking into how it can help people with insomnia.

The effects of hypnosis on sleep are quite clear. Because hypnosis increases the responsiveness to suggestion of the person undergoing it, the hypnotist is able to implant relaxing and somnolent ideas. This enables the insomniac to fall asleep much easier than they did before as they are in a much better mental space than they were before. Just as a stage hypnotist can get their volunteers to do pretty much anything they want, the medical hypnotist can get their patients to ignore their previous insomnia and help them to fall asleep much quicker and easier than they have previously.

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