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The older you get the less coffee you should drink


Ok, are you sitting down? Good, because we have some bad news for you. Scientists and health experts believe that the older you get, the less coffee you should drink. Yes, this sounds like positively terrible news.

The reasoning behind this is that the older you are the longer it takes your body to metabolise the caffeine meaning that its stimulating affects will last longer, making it harder to go to sleep.

For a young adult caffeine takes around four to six hours to metabolise but in an older person it can take two to three times that long, meaning that in some cases it will last for most of the day.

Naturally this is dependent on the individual and some people well into their eighties are able to metabolise caffeine in a few hours and other young people will take much longer, but as a rule of thumb the older you are the longer it takes your body to metabolise the caffeine.

The key is to listen to what your body is telling you. If you are not having any issues going to sleep then it isn’t  a problem, but if you do notice some issues then see if cutting back on your coffee intake or drinking it earlier helps.

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