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Getting to Sleep


For most people, getting to sleep is easy. They do not even have to think about it, it is something that happens naturally. However, for others, getting to sleep is a battle, hard fought and not always won. If you struggle to get to sleep but do not want to take sleeping pills, there are a number of things you can do to help.

1.Develop a routine. The body works in patterns and cycles, if you stick to a routine you are more likely to be able to fall asleep. Go to bed at about the same time and get up around the same time. This helps to encourage a sleep cycle to develop.

2.Make sure your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary. Remove all distractions, make sure that your room is dark, silent and has good airflow. If you have an alarm clock, make sure you cannot see it during the night.

3.Avoid certain anti-sleep substances. Things like coffee and alcohol will either keep you awake or degrade the quality of your sleep. Try to avoid completely, but if you must imbibe do not during the night time.

4.Try pro-sleep substances. There are many foods and drinks that encourage and improve sleep, things like milk, bananas, almonds, cereals and teas. Try these simple and effective foods and drinks

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