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Tips to keeping yourself awake while driving


Tips to keeping yourself awake while driving

First it is important that we state we do not condone driving while drowsy at all. However, we acknowledge that in the real world sometimes we need to drive when we are tired. It just has to be done. So with that said we thought we could offer you some tips on how to keep yourself awake while driving that we have found during our meanderings online. Please remember to drive with care and if you can, to never ever drive when tired.

Have an energy drink- yes we are starting with one of the more obvious ones but while energy drinks are not great to drink on a regular basis they can come in helpful if you have a drive to do and are tired. Just don’t overdo it as too much can have a negative impact on you and could actually impair your driving.

Listen to something interesting- now this is a good one, if you want to stay awake you need to engage the brain. If you have the time then you could download a good podcast on a topic that interests you. If you are unable to get a podcast then find a radio station that is focused on reporting or talkback.
Chew gum- gum can help you to stifle yawns and we all know that yawns can be dangerous when you are feeling tired.

Sing along to the radio- singing to your favourite music can help you stay awake as well. Put in your favourite CD of uplifting music and start belting out the tunes. Just make sure that it is high energy and you will get some of that energy too.

Aim cold air at your face- now this is a serious method of staying awake. Turn up your AC and aim it directly at your face. Having a beam of cold air directed at your face will help you to stay awake. Having your window open can work as well though it depends on what the weather is like out there.

Play a game- this is best done with someone else in the car but you can do it by yourself. You can play you can play a word game or spotting with yourself. Find something that is mentally challenging, the more you can stimulate your brain the more likely you will stay awake.

Shake your head- now this might sound strange but giving your head a periodic shaking can help to jolt you awake. Just don’t go too crazy as you still need to be focused on the road in front of you.

Pinch yourself- right now we are getting to the serious methods. If you find yourself starting to feel drowsy then you need to pinch yourself. It is up to you how hard. The mega pinch is when your eyes start to water but you may not need to go that extreme.

Again it needs to be stressed that we do not encourage driving while tired, but if you have to do it then make sure you do.

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