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Top 20 Dreams


Dreams are often seemingly random, but in fact, there is more structure and commonality than most of us would imagine. This is not just within each individual but across all humans as well. In fact, researchers have proposed that there are 20 common dream themes that reappear in people’s dreams all the time. They are:

• Flying, either on your own or in an airplane.
• Forgetting to study for an exam, or fumbling your lines for a presentation, speech or play.
• Being naked in public.
• Falling.
• Finding yourself paralyzed or partially or totally restricted in movement, often people will be trying to run away but are not able to move fast enough.
• Being chased or kidnapped.
• Having sexual encounters, including overt references to heterosexual or homosexual acts.
• Experiencing natural disasters like earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, floods and volcanoes.
• Experiencing manmade disasters like terrorist acts, nuclear war,  explosions, fire, chemical contamination, or plane crashes.
• Losing your teeth.
• Violent threats, attack or injuries to self or others.
• Rejection, betrayal abandonment,  or shame.
• Driving in cars.
• Missing a train bus or plane.
• Discovering new and unexpected rooms in houses or buildings.
• Finding or losing money.
• Having people appear from your past.
• Returning to a childhood home, school or setting from childhood.
• Being pregnant and giving birth.
• Meeting unknown people.

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