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Tricks to remember your dreams


Everyone dreams, but some people struggle to remember them and believe that they don’t dream at all. Even those people that do remember them will often have a hazy and incomplete recollection.

If you want to remember your dreams there are a number of different techniques and tricks you can use to help you. The first one is to spend a few minutes every night sitting and writing out the day’s events. Write in the present tense, as if it is happening to you right now. By doing this each and every night, you are encouraging the brain to remember. Then, when you wake in the morning you need to do the same thing with your dreams. Write down as much as you can and write it in the present tense as if it were happening right now. By doing this each and every day you will train your brain to remember and in time you will be able to recall your dreams with increasing fidelity.

Another way to remember your dreams is through the power of suggestion. Pick a phrase like ‘I remember my dreams’ and say it to yourself as many times a day as you can. Amazingly this actually works and after a while you will remember your dreams better.

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