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US poll reveals sleep loss stress


Americans feel that lack of sleep is the most-common cause of stress in their lives, with women more susceptible to anxiety over the issue, according to the results of a new Huffington Post survey. Of more than a thousand respondents, some 66% said that getting too little sleep was their most frequent ‘stress trigger’, beating the more traditional worry of monthly bills. Even when sleep wasn’t seen as the most common concern, it featured in an overwhelming 91% of all respondents’ lives at some point over the last month.

Women were found to be 24% more likely to experience stress based on lack of sleep compared to men, highlighting a gender divide of sorts on the issue.

Worrying about sleep deprivation is an unusual issue in itself, as stress that prevents sleep is typically about other things going on in life, such as money or work worries. The idea of losing sleep by being anxious about a lack of sleep underlines the increasing acknowledgement of its importance. 


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