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Use of technology before sleep


If you are like most people, your bedside table will have been gathering technological devices as well as their associated chargers and stands so that it now looks somewhat like a control desk at NASA! Back in the good old days most people had a glass of water and a book on there, but now we all seem to keep all of our smart devices right there.

This means that before bed we will all do things like check Facebook, send emails and read online. While this is a nice luxury of the modern age, you may actually be effecting your sleep. The light emitted from these devices negatively effects sleep as it plays havoc with the body clock.

The body clock is set and synchronised by external factors, especially light. By using these devices near bedtime you are sending false signals to your body clock, making it think that it is earlier than it actually is.
If you want entertainment at night before bed then you should put away your iPad and iPhone, leave your Kindle alone and avoid your tablet, as all of these devices are interrupting your sleep.

Simplicity is best when it comes to sleeping, so go old school on your nightstand and wake feeling fresh in the morning.

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