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Using a sleep hack for faster sleep


Using a sleep hack for faster sleep

You know the ones, those people who get on a long distance flight or bus trip and go to sleep straight away. They make it look so easy, yet when you try it the opposite seems to happen, you just lie there, unable to sleep. It turns out that there could be a method to their ability, they may be able to secretly harness the power of a sleep hack to drop off instantly. Yes, it seems that those fast to sleep people are really just hacking themselves, so if you want to learn how to do it, here it goes.

You want to get to sleep faster? Time to hack yourself. That is right, it is not just computers that can be hacked, you can hack yourself. You can use this sleep hack to get to sleep when you want. The trick is to trick yourself into sleep. You want to use the dream state back door, you need to clear your mind and let your brain wander into slumber. Here are the steps:

1. Finding a comfortable position that you can sleep in is important, make sure that you are in a relaxed and natural position.

2. Then you close your eyes but not completely, as you need to squint slightly while looking upward. Aim to be squinting up the bridge of your nose, though make sure that it is not uncomfortable. Getting this right is key to the success of your sleep hack.

3. Try to clear your mind of any and all thoughts (easier said than done and easier for some!). It helps to try to think about it like a meditative state, you want to be at one with your body and mind.

4. Now you need to try to look for any patterns in the random light noise that you will see through your eyelids. Try to keep track of these patterns. Soon you will start seeing images, which is your sign that you are slipping into a dream state. Often you will realise what is happening and will jerk yourself back awake, that is fine, just relax and try again.

5. The key is to be calm and to focus only on the images in your eyelids. Using this method you can slip into sleep within a few minutes. If you have something on your mind trying and think it through before attempting this method.

Admittedly some people will find this hack easier than others, but it can really help so give it a go next time you want to have a nap somewhere. It may just work.

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