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Want better dreams? Quit smoking


While everyone dreams, even if they do not ever remember them in the morning, some people dream more than others, as numerous scientific studies have shown. One interesting study found that people who have smoked cigarettes for a reasonable amount of time and have then quit have experienced a dramatic increase in their REM sleep cycles, which is the period of sleep in which we dream.

The longer they had stopped smoking for, the more they dreamed. Unfortunately, they are unsure as to why this occurs, but believe that it must be related to one of the several thousand chemicals that are found in tobacco.

Dreaming is vital for our mental well being, it helps to regulate our memories and our personality. So it seems that not only is smoking bad for your physical health, it is bad for your mental health as well.

Many of the dreaming smokers reported having a number of dreams in which they were smoking and were then caught. They reported experiencing high degrees of regret and contrition. Though these findings are anecdotal it almost seems like the body is subconsciously telling the smoker to quit.

The science seems to suggest that if you want to experience more dreams then you should quit smoking.

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