What your sleep position says about you


Are you a foetus, a log, a yearner, a soldier, a freefaller or a starfish? Or are you simply confused by the question? No, these are not new dance moves, or, heaven forbid, positions from the Karma Sutra. They are actually sleep positions, and according to psychologists, they may offer an insight into your personality type.

This might sound like more pop psychology quackery, but a legitimate professor from a real university did this study, at least giving it a degree of legitimacy that many of these so called ‘discoveries’ do not have. Anyway, here are the positions and personality types, you be the judge:

The foetus: curled up in the foetal position, these people are tough on the outside but have a sensitive side.
The log: lying on a side with arms by their side, these people are easy going and social but may be gullible.
The yearner: sleeping on a side with arms out front, these people are open natured by also cynical and suspicious.
The soldier: on back with arms by sides, these people are quiet and reserved but have high standards.
The freefaller: lying on their front with hands around pillow, these people are gregarious and brash but can be nervy and thin skinned.
The starfish: lying on back with both arms around pillow, these people make good friends and are always ready to listen and help.

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