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Why August is your no sleep month


Are you feeling tired? What until August, you will be feeling even more tired. You may ask why you will be feeling more tired in August and the answer is: science.

Well, alright, that is not the actual answer, but rather that is how we know the answer. The actual answer is that a number of scientific surveys and studies have found that people are more sleep deprived in the winter months than they are in summer and that it is generally about February for the northern hemisphere and August for the southern when this is at its worst.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is related to light levels. Our body clock, the timekeeper that helps us wake up and fall asleep (amongst many things) is set and synchronised by light. There is less light in winter, meaning the body clock struggles to regulate our sleep patterns. Lack of light also makes people more depressed, which can effect sleep as well.

The other major reason is that home heating plays havoc with our own body’s night time temperature regulation, meaning that people struggle to sleep.
It seems that unlike bears, we should hibernate in summer so we are ready for winter.

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