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Why do men fall asleep after sex?


You may not know it, but prolactin could have got you in trouble in the past—if you are a man, that is. Prolactin is the hormone that is responsible in part for a man’s sexual gratification and it is also the hormone that makes them drowsy after sex, so if you have got in trouble with your partner for dozing off, then don’t worry, it isn’t your fault, you can blame it on prolactin.

It works against dopamine, which is the hormone that prepares humans for intercourse. Prolactin stimulates a pleased yet tired feeling in men. However, as is the rule for most things, too much of it is not a good thing, with high levels of prolactin responsible for both impotence and a low libido.

For millennia men have been getting in trouble for falling asleep after sex. Now we know that it is not really their fault, it is simply the way their body chemistry works. Ladies, next time you want to have a deep and meaningful pillow talk make sure you do it beforehand as even if your boyfriend or husband wants to take part, he cannot fight his body chemistry, so go easy on them.

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