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Why lack of sleep could mean you are your own worst enemy


Darwin outlined one of the fundamental aspects of life on planet Earth, that we are all in competition, but while we often see others as our key competitors our own worst enemy could be lack of sleep.

As scientists penetrate the mystery of sleep they are learning how integral a good night’s sleep is to wellbeing and happiness as well as discovering how debilitating and destructive sleep deprivation can be.

Even a few night’s of insufficient or broken sleep can have serious implications for your day and the longer these problems go on the worse it gets.
Some of the worst symptoms associated with a lack of sleep are memory issues, slow reactions, fuzzy thinking, depression and  irritability. These symptoms can set you back in the Darwinian struggle as they hamper your ability to succeed.

Numerous scientific tests have shown that even a single night of impaired sleep can drastically reduce your coordination and ability to retain information. If you suffer from a chronic sleep disorder these issues only compound, making it increasingly difficult to perform at your best.

That is why it is so important to remedy any sleeping syndromes early. Don’t let lack of sleep become your nemesis, conquer it and get on with life.

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