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Yoga moves for better sleep


If you are struggling to get to sleep at night or find that you wake in the morning feeling tired then you may need to start doing yoga at night.

Yoga is a millennia old art form that combines physical exercise, breathing control and meditational focus and has been the poor sleeper’s secret weapon for many years. It is because of yoga’s combination of mental and physical focus that it is so good for helping people who struggle with sleep.

Part of not sleeping is becoming too focused on the problem at hand. It is a Catch 22 situation where the more you try to get to sleep the harder it is, which is where yoga comes into it. Yoga, through a combination of movement, breath control and a zen like state of relaxation, is the perfect activity to take your mind of trouble sleeping while giving the body a relatively low key pre-bed workout.

You can either take yoga lessons in person or you can find great instructional videos online that will show you the basic moves. It really is an amazing way of getting your body and mind ready for the night, so don’t toss and turn, stretch and breath and you will sleep better for it.

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