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Your bedside table can help you sleep


Did you know that your bedside table can help you sleep? Well it can. How you may ask? Simple, you need to optimise it to help you get to sleep and stay asleep, this involves jettisoning some items and adding others.

First, you need to get rid of anything and everything that discourages sleep. Move your alarm clock away from your table so that you cannot see the LED face as this ambient light disturbs your sleep and if you are having trouble sleeping the glowing numbers will haunt you. Also, remove any devices, like smart phones, that are backlit as these also influence your body clock and make getting and staying asleep harder. De-clutter the table as even having a chaotic and busy table can keep you awake, simple is best.

Now you need to add items that help you to sleep. If you don’t have a book find one that you enjoy, books are one of the most soothing ways to get to sleep. If you don’t like reading then how about a some relaxing music, classical or ambient is the best for inducing sleep. Also, make sure you have plenty of fresh water as being hydrated helps you get to sleep.

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