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Average Time To Fall Asleep Is 7 Minutes


Although it often seems like it takes forever, the average time it takes to fall asleep is actually only seven minutes. Of course, with averages, there is always a massive amount of variation. For some people, seven minutes would be incredible, while for others they are a sleep moments after their head hits the pillow.

Falling asleep is an unusual process, it is one of the few we do we concentrating on the task at hand is actually detrimental to the process. Most of the time, the more effort you put into doing something the better it is, but with going to sleep, the trick is to not try too hard. By focussing too much on going to sleep, you are ironically over stimulating the brain and therefore making it harder to go to sleep.

If seven minutes to fall asleep sounds like a dream to you, then you might want to look at the different methods for falling asleep. One of the simplest is to develop a routine, so that your body and brain get sued to going to sleep in the same way each night. There are also a number of mental and physical exercises you can do that will help you drop off.

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