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Choosing The Best Doona


So you have got a super comfortable bed and (Ergoflex memory foam mattress!) that you love spending Sunday mornings in but your doona is just not up to scratch. Time for a new one but before you rush out and grab the first doona you see, you should have a think about what you want.

First up, you need to think about what type of warmth and weight you need. Some will want a warm and heavy doona while others living in a more temperate area will want a light weight doona that won’t get to hot.

Closely linked to warmth and weight, and the next on the list, is filling. What type do you want? Traditionally down has been the number one choice, but know you can also get polyester doonas as well as woollen ones. Polyester doonas are light and woollen ones are heavy so your choice will play into warmth and weight. Down and woollen doonas can generally be washed, while many polyester ones cannot be cleaned as easily.

After this you need to think about fill power, which refers to the amount of space that the down takes up in the doona. More fill power means a lighter and softer doona. A higher fill power means that the doona will probably last longer as well. Fill power is measured across grades, with six hundred suitable for warmer areas and 800 for colder areas.

Good luck and good night.

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