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Guess How Many Dust Mites Are In Your Mattress?


It is quite easy to get on with life without thinking about all the microscopic life forms that surround us; unless, of course, you are affected by them. If you are made sick by a virus or bacteria, then you are suddenly very interested in them. Likewise, with dust mites,  most of us do not really give them much thought, except for those with allergies caused by dust mites and their droppings. All of us, though, sleep with massive numbers of dust mites every night. Can you guess how many dust mites are in your mattress?

There could be anywhere from 100 000 all the way up to a staggering, and quite scary, 10 million. That’s right, you could be sleeping with 10 million dust mites every night! That is a number that is almost impossible to imagine. What would 10 million dust mites look like? To give you an idea of the effects 10 million dust mites can have, here is an interesting statistic. In ten years, a mattress will weigh twice as much as it did when it was bought, due to dust mites and their droppings. That’s right, half a 10 year old mattress’s weight is dust mites! Up to 10 million of them!

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