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How Much Do You Move When You Sleep?


Asking how much you move when you sleep can be a surprisingly touchy subject. Asking your partner will often result in an answer that indicates you move too much, and may even become a discussion about stealing the blanket as well. Generally speaking, your partner will believe that they ‘don’t move around as much as you’, with the implication that you are in fact the annoying one who disturbs the peace. As with any arguments surrounding sleep, it is quite often difficult to make any valid points, as you were asleep when any of the ‘offending’ took place.

Naturally, when one is faced with such slander, it is time to turn to science to see whether you are able to mount a decent defence against such libellous lies. Fortunately, you have science on your side. If you are the target of such allegations, then you need to tell your partner that in fact, everybody moves around about the same amount. Studies have shown that most people move about 60-70 times in a night, with around a dozen full body turns. Even those who believe that they ‘don’t move around as much as you’  do in fact. The reason they hold such a different opinion regarding their night manoeuvres is that they too are asleep during these movements.

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