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Insomnia may hint at other sleep disorders - report


The condition of insomnia as well as being a defined disorder in itself, could be an indicator for a number of other sleep disorders, according to a Canadian sleep specialist.

Insomnia has been classified into three categories, based on the duration that the sufferer experiences the condition. ‘Transient’ covers a period less than a week, ‘acute’ lasts up to a month, and ‘chronic’ last more than a month. Each of the three categories can be associated with other medical issues, usually stress or depression-related. Insomnia is one of the most commonly reported and diagnosed sleep disorders.

“They (doctors) tend to deal with insomnia as though it is one entity. In fact we’re starting to understand that the symptoms of not being able to sleep, not being able to stay asleep, and waking early are the criteria by which you diagnose insomnia,” said Carolyn Schur from Associated Sleep Services in Saskatoon, speaking to the Vancouver Sun. “Some people may have high levels of anxiety and can’t settle down, others may have insomnia due to a prior trauma… similar to post-traumatic stress.”

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