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The health and wellbeing effects of getting the required amount of sleep are increasingly well documented, however taking the necessary time and effort to achieve good sleep is something that many of us don’t seem to be willing to do.

The facts behind consistently poor quality sleep underline just how important the issue is, with diabetes, heart disease and depression among the serious conditions that have been linked in studies, with lesser problems such as irritability and poor productivity also common. Of the UK’s estimated 15m snorers, some 600,000 are unaware that their nocturnal noise is an indication that they’re suffering from the condition of sleep apnoea. In children, good sleep is arguably even more important, with obesity and poor academic performance are some of the direct effects of not getting enough sleep.

The scenario is played out around the world, for instance in the US the number of people classified as ‘insomniacs’ – characterised by losing up to three nights of sleep per week for a month or longer at a time – stands at between 10-15% of the population.

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be seen as optional, and neither should it be seen as interrupting more ‘important’ activities done while awake. Regularly achieving a minimum of eight hours sleep a night allows you to do more in your waking hours, as you’re charged with more energy that boosts your productivity and performance. Coupled with a genuine sense of wellbeing and an overall heightened ability to deal with the day, and the argument for making time for sleep becomes even more convincing. By setting aside the time to sleep, for instance by going to bed at the same time every night, you’re giving yourself the best chance of being fully refreshed and recharged when you wake up in the morning, as well as avoiding the various health issues that can be caused by poor sleep hygiene.

With this in mind, sleep time should be something that you jealously guard and protect against anything that threatens to compromise those eight hours. Look at your regular late evening winding down routine (assuming you have one) – if it involves excessive television, time in front of a computer screen or even a spot of last minute work, then you’re directly wasting time that could be better spent in bed.

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