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Overcoming Sleep Deprivation #2


For some people, getting to sleep can be a total nightmare, an awake nightmare. Insomnia and sleep deprivation can become cyclical and cumulative, meaning they become harder and harder to break, but do not despair, there are ways for you to break the cycle, there are ways you can fight back and finally get the rest deserve. Here is the second of three guides to overcoming sleep deprivation.

First up, you need to go to sleep when you are actually tired. If you have been in bed trying for more than thirty minutes, then get up and do something for thirty minutes. You could watch some TV, read your book, whatever you want. Just by getting up and doing something you will feel tired quicker than if you lie in bed.

Also, do not keep looking at the clock. This will only serve to make you more stressed about not getting to sleep. The more you look at the clock the longer it will take you to get to sleep. Turn your clock away from you if you have to.

Finally, use light to your advantage. Because our body clock is set by the cycles of light and day, you should try and expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible during the day. Even having a bright light on in the office can help.

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