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Pregnant Women sleeping patterns


The sleeping pattern of pregnant women in the first 3 months is crucial in maintaining healthy blood pressure and avoiding pre-eclampsia the University of Washington found in a study published in Sleep recently. The study discovered that out of the 1,272 women analysed only 20.5% of those questioned slept the recommended 9 hours a night. Just over half, 55.2% slept 7-8 hours and 10.6% slept 10 hours or more. The study also found that better pre natal sleeping patterns might improve the women’s overall health.

It is very important for pregnant women to live a healthy lifestyle and their sleep is a major factor in this. Technologies and other electrical appliances should be kept out of the bedroom, to avoid distractions when trying to sleep. If you are struggling to get a healthy sleep pattern, you should eat 2 to 3 hours before sleeping giving food an appropriate amount of time to digest, so you don’t feel full when trying to sleep. Having a routine for going to bed, with set times for going to sleep and waking up gives you a regular sleeping pattern, whereas staying up late and waking up early some nights upsets this rhythm.

A healthy, consistent pre-natal sleep schedule helps reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia – pregnancy induced hyper-tension – and also keeps blood pressure at a healthy level. Too little or too much sleep, affects the blood pressure in the third trimester period when an expectant mother should be at her healthiest. It is important that a good sleeping routine is in place for already pregnant or those looking to make a family, to live a healthy lifestyle

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