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‘Shrill’ alarms can cause health issues - study


While it has long been the bane of workers around the world, the piercing sound of an alarm clock has now been found to have a measurably detrimental effect on health, says a new Japanese study.

The investigation by Japan’s National Institute of Industrial Health found that participants who were woken from their sleep with alarms suffered higher blood pressure and increased heart rates compared to those who were allowed to wake up naturally in their own time. Judging by the findings of the study, someone who is subjected to a shrill alarm clock over a sustained period of mornings could develop serious health issues as a result, and the impact of an alarm clock can be classed amongst the most severe sleep disturbances.

Maintaining consistent ‘sleep hygiene’ (the process of achieving on-going good quality sleep) is a natural way to wake up at a regular time every morning. While a positive routine won’t entirely dispense with the need for an alarm clock, it will ensure that your body avoids the shock of a sudden and unexpected wake-up when the time comes.

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