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Can A Mattress Prevent Or Help Sleep Apnea?


Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that is characterised by unusual pauses in breathing or occurrence of reduced breathing. Each of the pauses is called an apnea, each apnea can be as short as a second or as long as several minutes and they may occur up to thirty times in an hour. The only way to diagnose sleep apnea is through an overnight test, known as a polysomnogram.
One of the most common cures is for the sufferer to wear a breathing device, but these are uncomfortable and unwieldy. Fortunately, studies have shown that memory foam mattresses can help with sleep apnea as they shape themselves to the exact contours of your body, relieving the pressure points, allowing the air channels to stay open, ensuring that there is less chance of obstruction and therefore less chance of an apnea occurring.
Remember though, that sleep apnea is a very serious condition and that you need to consult your doctor regarding any and every cure or amelioration. While memory foam can offer some relief it is not a cure and there are a number of life style changes that need to be made to reduce sleep apnea. That said, memory foam has a number of health benefits and you will sleep better for it.

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