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Sleep Studies and Sleep Problems


Like most major facets of human life, there is a huge amount of study and testing done by scientists on different aspects of sleep. It is a fascinating area of research and there are a number of different problems that can afflict people’s sleep. The most common are:

1. Sleep Apnea is when you stop breathing during sleep for more than 10 seconds and is generally caused by an obstructed airflow or incorrect brain signals.

2. Narcolepsy is a disabling sleep disorder which muddles your nervous system’s messages about sleep and awake states and causes sudden sleep attacks, hallucinations when awake, sleep paralysis and sudden moments of muscle stiffness when awake.

3. Insomnia is when you have trouble going to sleep, it is caused by a number of different factors including stress, hunger, depression, pain and many other issues.

4. Sleepwalking is when the sleeper moves whilst still asleep. Can range in severity, with some people just walking around the room and others having been recorded driving cars, eating food from the fridge and many other behaviours.

If you suffer from any of these then you should contact your doctor as there are many things you can do including traditional and alternative medicine, meditation and exercise, to help you conquer your sleep problems.

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