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Sleeping With Your Eyes Open


Going to sleep and having your eyes closed seem to be intricately connected, most of us would think you couldn’t get to sleep without having our eyes closed, but people can actually go to sleep with their eyes open. This may sound like a handy trick, especially if you have to put up with boring presentations at work.

The best way to learn how to sleep with your eyes open is to learn how to meditate. This will enable you to create the necessary mental relaxation despite the visual stimuli. As with most things, practice makes perfect and to get good at sleeping with your eyes open you will have to put in quite a few hours to get it.

Generally speaking, you will need to focus on something in your mind. You will need to let your eyes go slightly out of focus so you do not get too distracted by the outside world. At first, try doing it in a relatively dark room, then you can build your way up to a fully lit room.

There are two reasons we close our eyes when we sleep. The first is to remove all the disturbing visual stimuli. The second is to stop our eyes from drying out. So if you want to become an open eye sleeper, watch out for dry eyes.

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