Snoring and ways to combat it


If you sleep with someone who snores, it can cause major disruption to your sleep and consequently ruins your following day as well, leaving you tired, restless and dreading having to go back to bed. All the while, your partner may be unaware about what they are causing. Snoring is caused by the relaxing of the tissue in your throat, which causes your throat to narrow when you breathe in and out. This soft tissue in the throat, blocks the throat passage, causing the snoring sound. Many people have to suffer their partners snoring, and as result don’t get a good enough night’s sleep to enjoy the following day. There are a few options people can do if they want to stop snoring and give their partner an enjoyable night’s sleep.

1. Sleep on your side – Most people when they snore, are sleeping on their back, if you roll to your side, it clears the passage, allowing for un-obstructed breathing. In a previous blog, sleeping positions were mentioned, how do you sleep?

2. Extra pillow under your head – This prevents your throat tissue from sinking down, and gives your throat more room to breathe.

3. Keep passages clear – If before you go to sleep, you are feeling congested, make sure your nasal passages are clear as any block can spark snoring or increase volume levels.

4. Lose weight – Having any excess weight around your throat closes the throat, making it difficult to breathe

5. Reduce alcohol intake – alcohol affects your body’s health and impairs the muscles ability to keep air passages clear.

Snoring is hereditary, and you or your partner may be prone to snoring due to traits inherited from previous generations. It could also be age related, as when our bodies get older, muscles relax and sometimes cause air passages to block. Snoring is not deliberate and if someone snores, first you must accept it and try to find ways to cope or deal with it. What is important is your sleep and that you get a satisfactory amount each night.

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